SevVven is a talented and energetic hard rock/nu metal band based in Louisiana. The SevVven lineup includes Josh Valdivieso (vocals), Ant Jones (guitar), Jessie Hoda (guitar), Seth Richards (Guitar) and Katt Lee (drums). The band signed with WakeUp! Music Rocks record label in 2022. The band was founded by Ant and Josh in 2020 on a website called BandLab, which is a social platform for artists from all over the world to collaborate on music. Ant posted the first version of “All I Need Is You (Old Version)”, and Josh recorded a vocal take over it that Ant loved. That connection marked the beginning of SevVven. At the time Josh lived in Kansas City, Missouri and Ant in Lafayette, Louisiana. They continued to make new music and started seeing a positive reaction. Their 2021 single "Falling”. featuring Krizz Kaliko, peaked on the Billboard Rock Indicator Chart at #18. Soon after that success, SevVven reached out to Kevin Palmer of TrustCompany to ask if they could cover their hit “Downfall”, to which he agreed. Jessie joined the band while they were working on their EP Signals. For that EP they remade “All I Need Is You”, and that song peaked at #23 on the Billboard Rock Indicator Chart. With the success and accomplishments that were starting to come, Josh took the leap and moved to Louisiana so SevVven could make that leap to the next level. Drummer Katt Lee joined the band in summer 2022, and the lineup was complete. Since then, the band has been working on an album, with a goal to release it this year. The summer 2022 single “Woe Is Me” and accompanying video was the beginning of SevVven’s working relationship with Myles Clayborne of Vigilante Productions as their producer. Clayborne, who is the drummer for the popular hard rock band SAUL, made a guest appearance on “Woe Is Me”. That track was followed by the song “Cold” in the fall of 2022, and another video to go along with that. Most recently, SevVven released “Shed Your Skin” in January 2023. It seems that with every song this band creates they are growing and evolving, and their sound is progressing into what they envision. How can SevVven’s music be described? A word that comes to mind is complex. You never know what you’re going to get from song to song. The guitar riffs are intricate and the drums are powerful. Josh's wonderful singing provides excellent clean vocals, but he can also add emphasis to a song with his hard vocals. SevVven’s songs incorporate relatable themes such as depression, anxiety, mental health issues, and relationship problems. One of the biggest breaks that came early on for SevVven was playing at the Danny Wimmer Presents Louder Than Life festival in Louisville, Kentucky in September 2022. That came about due to the band developing a big following on the DWP That Space Zebra Show on Twitch, where SevVven won a competition amongst other bands to earn their place in the festival’s lineup. SevVven also performed in Raidfest 2022 in Louisiana in October. Besides Louisiana and Kentucky, SevVven has also played in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas. As SevVven continues to make awesome new music and play more and more live shows, this band will be sure to attract more fans. Future goals for SevVven include continuing to work on new music and releasing an album this year. The band also wants to continue to play shows in various states and hopes to get added to more festivals.




Cannibals (Official Lyric Video)

Awakened (Official Music Video)

Shed Your Skin (Official Lyric Video)

Cold (Official Music Video)

Woe Is Me feat Myles Clayborne of Saul (Official Music Video)

All I Need Is You (New Version)




Falling feat Krizz Kaliko


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